Ocean Seafood A/S is a sales organisation for a Danish-Canadian trawler company, with one of the world's largest prawn-processing trawlers, supplies the professional market with more than 25,000 tons of Arctic shell-on prawns a year.


The Arctic Ocean-Globe Prawn

The Ocean-Globe prawn is caught in the crystal-clear, ice-cold Arctic Ocean, off the coasts of East-Canada and Greenland.
The low ocean temperatures mean slow development of the prawn which results in it having a firm, delicious meat.


From the sea to the table

The manner in which the Ocean Group handles the Ocean-Globe prawn, from the initial catch, through processing, freezing and control, to storage, making up of orders, final inspection and logistics, ensures high quality, all the way from the sea to the table - a necessary prerequisite for your onward credibility.





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