From the sea to the table

The Ocean Group's total handling of the Ocean Globe Prawn, from the catching of it in the Arctic Ocean, to its delivery at the agreed destination, illustrates that customers can be sure of high quality, and that the Ocean Group is in control of the whole undertaking.


Quality on board

The newly caught prawns are fully processed in the ship's processing system, in only 15 minutes. After packing and marking with size and date, the processed prawns are placed into the ship's freezer-hold at a temperature of minus 28 degrees centigrade. The hold can contain 750 tons.


Ocean's cold stores

When the holds of the company's trawlers are full, course is set for the cold stores on Newfoundland, Iceland and Greenland. The catch is driven straight into the cold stores where the individual customer orders are made up.


Inspection before delivery

Before a consignment is allowed to leave cold stores, it is subjected to one last inspection. Often, it is the customer's own inspector who carries out this check. Subsequent to the inspector's approval, the order is dispatched.


Professional partners

We work together with the best frozen-food carriers so that we are sure that our products reach our customers quickly and surely, regardless of where in the world the Ocean Globe prawn may be sent.






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